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Asian Dream Doll

Asian Geisha Inflatable Doll with removable traditional costume and silky black hair to pull and play with. Full breasts with pigmented erect nipples open mouth and two tight penetratable love holes. 3 D face of a life sized painted lady.
$ 44.99
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Asian Fever Love Doll

Asian Fever Love Doll . Into the Asian persuasion Let this delectable pearl of Asia cast her spell of erotic pleasures upon you. Her silky smooth flesh and perky round breasts are like satin to the touch. Her body is a temple that 039 s waiting...
$ 24.99
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Backdoor Baby Doll

She has her own wrist restraints and she is ready and waiting for your correction. She is the Back Door Baby Doll that inflates to a life size love doll. She has vaginal and anal openings with long smooth silky hair to pull on. Her voluptuous breasts...
$ 49.99
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Becky The Beginner Babe

Becky The Beginner Babe Love Doll . Young tight and ready to please. Always wanted to try a love doll Like any virgin to new adventures there 039 s always a great way to get your feet wet or in this case get your dick wet. Let Becky show you...
$ 24.99
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Belladonna Love Doll

Belladonna Love Doll . Belladonna is not often called a doll but we made one anyway. The kinkiest freak in porn is all here from her open mouth to her hot little pussy to her tight little ass three holes for your pounding pleasure. Enjoy her face...
$ 28.99
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Big Babe Bella Doll

Big Babe Bella Doll . Small size love doll measures just 28 inches tall. Flesh skin. Midget size inflatable female doll. Big boobs. Golden Triangle Novelties. Adult Toys For Everyone. New individual images added July 19 2011.
$ 12.99
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Big Bust Babe Doll

Beautiful life like 4 color face with 3 love passages and large breasts with firm nipples.
$ 21.99
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Big Joe Doll

Life size doll with 7 inch removable cock comes with wide open mouth inviting anus and mannequin face.
$ 47.99
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Blonde Starlet Doll

Blonde Starlet Doll . Gorgeous life like love doll. 4 color face. 3 love passages. Phthalate free non toxic materials PVC. Compliance with title 18 U.S.C. 2257 Blonde Starlet was produced 03 02 11. All models are 18 years of age or older and...
$ 19.99
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Blow Up Barrack Lov Doll

Blow Up Barack Presidential Love Doll . He Fucked the Economy Now You Can Fuck Him Back He 039 ll Batter Your Bush Visit His Oval Orifice He 039 s Got A Presidential Sized Power Tool He 039 s The Clear Winner in This Year 039 s...
$ 24.99
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Blow Up Billy Goat

Blow Up Billy Goat Ye Ha You 039 ve just shepherded yer own Blow Up Billy Goat Any time you are in the mood for a roll in the hay she 039 ll be your shear delight. Sometimes it feels so good being so ba a a d Blow Up Billy Goat was featured in...
$ 14.99
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Blow Up Penis

Blow up Penis Playful slip on inflatable blow up penis.
$ 11.99
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Blow Up Playful Penis Centerpiece

Fun inflatable centerpiece with weighted base. 11x 3 28 cm x 8 cm.
$ 7.99
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Britney Bitch Love Doll

Britney Bitch Love Doll . She 039 s Britney bitch the pig tailed pop star princess who 039 s got a body that won 039 t quit and a brain that won 039 t start Just ad air and this washed up white trash whack job will suck the chrome off a...
$ 24.99
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Butch The Beginner Doll

Butch The Beginner Doll . Looking for the right male doll Enjoy the companionship of this hunk of love. You 039 ll never want to be alone again. Butch The Beginner Love Doll we 039 re blowing up ...
$ 25.99
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