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Pelvic Exercisers

     (97 Products)
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Berman Intimate Basics Vaginal Stim. Fiji

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Vaginal Stimulator Fiji. The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Collection is designed by women for women to give you and your partner exactly what you need color ergonomic designs discreet packaging superior quality ...
$ 16.99
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Crazy Girl 24k Pleasure Balls

Crazy Girl 24K Pleasure Balls . Crazy Girl Wanna Be Excited 24K Golden Pleasure Balls product features lubricant friendly woman pH friendly. Compatible with all adult sex toy cleaner. A diva 039 s secret to enhance sexy play The only pleasure...
$ 12.99
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Graduated Orgasm Balls Pink

Graduated Orgasm Balls are small medium and large weighted. Sturdy translucent pink pleasure balls with nylon cord.
$ 9.99
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Graduated Orgasm Balls Teal

Graduated Orgasm Balls are small medium and large weighted. Sturdy translucent teal pleasure balls with nylon cord.
$ 9.99
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Lacey's Graduated Orgasm Balls

Laceys Graduated Orgasm Balls translucent gold weighted orgasm balls with sturdy nylon retrieval cord.
$ 9.99
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Luna Beads

The LUNA pleasure bead system is a combined pleasure fitness system for the circum vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Developed as a modular alternative to traditional geisha balls LUNA offers the advantage of increased resistance over time. Her...
$ 54.99
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Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump

Personalize your pump with a slide control that adjusts the depth of clitoral penetration Hygienically superior silicone vibrating stimulator tip is soft and easily removed for cleaning. Convenient EZ grip bulb for superior suction. 2 AAA batteries not...
$ 24.99
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Power Balls

Nylon string connecting 5 latex coated weighted balls. For vaginal or anal use. Each ball measures 1.25 inches wide.
$ 18.99
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The Leopard Duotone Balls

Perfectly weighted duotone balls help with vaginal pelvic exercise. Also good for bladder control strengthening. Sturdy nylon retrieval cord for safety. ABS. 1.25 3 cm diameter.
$ 8.99
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Adam & Eve Flexi Kegel Wand

Adam and Eve Flexi Kegel Wand works great when you perform pelvic exercises or your Kegel routine. Made using safe and pure phthalate free latex free materials Silicone. Colors may vary.
$ 55.99
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Adam & Eve Red Hearts Glass Dildo

Raised hearts stimulate and stay lubed longer for extra pleasure. Free velvet storage bag. 100 glass. 100 orgasmic. Glass Dildo can be used with a sensual feeling of temperature change. Chill or warm glass for sensual thrills. Shaft is dabbled with...
$ 27.99
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Adam & Eve Teardrop Duo Balls Pink

Adam and Eve Teardrop Duo Balls Pink. Stimulate with every stride when you insert these weighted Ben Wa style balls. Rolling weights inside each ball provide an unforgettable erotic massage. Squeeze your pussy around them to strengthen Kegel muscles and...
$ 14.99
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Alexandra Benwa Balls

Alexandra Benwa Balls a pair of vibrating white glossy ben wa balls enclosed in removable silicone casing and a single silicone vibrating ben wa ball. Double detachable ball and single ball. Silicone skin safe. No smell. Not sticky. Phthalate free. ...
$ 27.99
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Aneros Evi

Evi is the first of her kind a hands free body inspired pleasure massager. She is designed to comfortably and effectively apos hit the spot apos without the need for vibration. Fueled by your movements Evi stimulates both the G Spot and clitoris....
$ 38.99
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Berman Weighted Pelvic Exerciser Veronica

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Collection Dr. Berman apos s approach to couple apos s therapy as well as sexual wellness resonates in her designs of her best selling Intimate Basics collection. Ergonomically weighted to tighten and tone kegel muscles....
$ 29.99
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