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Black Padded Blindfold

Kinklab Black Padded Blindfold . Non leather padded blindfold is soft synthetic polyurethane. Classic style blindfold is made of soft cleanable materials and features an elastic band with a satin finish that won 039 t snag hair. One size fits most...
$ 11.99
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Black Contour Cut Blindfold . Contour cut blindfolds have a trim streamlined look. Soft oil tan leather with double elastic band holds blindfold in place. Hand crafted leather goods. Black blindfold weighs .63 pound. One size fits most. Spartacus...
$ 24.99
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Blindfold Leather W/heart Inlay Black

Our raw materials are sourced and imported from various countries to obtain the finest quality. Skilled workers in TLS factories produce our products with the best attention to detail. All edges are rounded and colored to create well finished and durable...
$ 24.99
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Blindfold Purple W/ Black Fur

Purple Fur Line Black Blindfold with Purple Fur . Purple fur line features black leather lined with brillant purple fur. Spartacus Classic Cut blindfolds offer wide coverage so there will be no peeking Available in black leather lined with...
$ 17.99
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Bound By Diamonds Ribbon Eye Mask

Bound by DiamondsAn exquisite collection of seductive fetish gear hand crafted in soft supple patent leather then adorned with lustrous white crystals. One size fits most. Comfortable satin lined eye mask with sexy satin ties. Exquisite diamond detail....
$ 11.99
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Cathy's Blindfold Black

Made from opaque nylon with two elastic bands to keep it comfortably in place covering your eyes completely during fantasy play. The best fantasies are with your eyes covered. What will your lover do next The anticipation heightens your senses and...
$ 9.99
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Fetish Fantasy Blindfold Ball Gag

Tired of your partner giving you the evil eye and calling all the shots Gag and blind them with ease with this 2 in 1 Blindfold Ball Gag. Perfect for beginners this fetish must have features a round rubber gag adjustable elastic head harness and...
$ 19.99
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Fetish Fantasy Elite Fantasy Love Mask Black

Fetish Fantasy Elite Fantasy Love Mask Black . When your fetish play demands the best materials possible only the Fetish Fantasy Elite line will do Made from 100 medical grade Elite Silicone this ultra premium collection is body safe hypo...
$ 11.99
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Heartbreaker Vinyl & Lace Blindfold

Allure XOXO Vinyl Collection Heartbreak Vinyl and Lace Blindfold . Vinyl Lingerie Vinyl is slick and sensual and very versatile. It can be dyed virtually any color making it an ideal material for fantasy lingerie. Heartbreak Vinyl and Lace...
$ 6.99
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Inked Tattoo Blindfold

InkedRestraintsComfortable double stitched padded fetish gear adorned with some serious ink One size fits most. Comfortable padded mask with stretchy dual elastic straps. Polyester mask Elastic straps. 7x 3.5 18 cm x 9 cm mask.
$ 6.99
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Intima Silk Blindfold Black

Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold Black . Cater to every intimate moment with our elegant line of bedroom accessories. From sensual restraints teasers and blindfolds made from luxuriously soft silk and suede to sensually scented massage candles and oils...
$ 62.99
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Intima Silk Blindfold Purple

Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold Purple . Cater to every intimate moment with our elegant line of bedroom accessories. From sensual restraints teasers and blindfolds made from luxuriously soft silk and suede to sensually scented massage candles and...
$ 29.99
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Leather Blindfold Black Padded

This blindfold may just be the most comfortable BDSM accessory you 039 ll ever own A wide elastic band stretches to fit most sizes while inside soft padded raised rings fit gently against the eyes for a comfortable total blackout effect. The outside...
$ 21.99
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Lined Classic Blindfold

Classic blindfold with very soft fabric lining.
$ 24.99
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Love Mask-leather Blindfold

Genuine Canadian Leather Blindfold.
$ 9.99
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